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Learn ballroom dancing for a lifetime of fun

Even if you just want to learn to dance for a wedding or for a cruise, we believe ballroom dancing is a lifelong gift. We know you want to learn to dance, not just do steps, and we're sure you'll agree that the "Ballroom Xperience" is the friendliest, happiest ballroom dance studio in Houston. Guaranteed!

Our Ballroom Dance Studios in Houston provide a 3 part system of private ballroom dance lessons Houston, group ballroom dance classes, and practice dance parties. Our dance programs are personalized to your needs, and we want you to learn ballroom dancing quickly in a fun, friendly, and supportive environment.

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Ballroom Dancing

Let's Get Ballroom Dancing!

Still waiting around for life to "happen" to you?

It is never to late to begin ballroom dance lessons Houston. Our students range in age from 21 to 80, and we believe that anyone who can walk can learn ballroom dancing! The professional instructors at Ballroom X specialize in adult beginners and make your ballroom dance lessons Houston fun and easy. Many students have reported increased self confidence, a release from stress, weight loss, and more.

Ballroom Dance Classes Houston
Ballroom Dance Lessons


Latin Dance Lessons


Swing Dance Lessons


Anthony and Rose Lewis

Meet Our Directors

Few people can say that they get to do what they love for a living, but Anthony and Rose Lewis think of what they do as not just a job, but their passion! They say that greatest reward is the positive changes that ballroom dance lessons help make in people’s lives including: Better Physical Health, Making New Friends, Increased Self Confidence, and Discovering a New Passion and Joy … at any age.

Rose is awesome! She makes you feel very much at ease while you're learning. Definitely worth trying if you are self conscious about dancing.

Very impressed with Anthony at the Woodlands location. Excellent instructor - learned way more than we expected in our very first session. Will definitely be going back. Highly recommend.

Wedding Dance
Make your first dance

Wedding dance lessons Houston are a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be will always remember. Wedding dance lessons can help a couple feel confident and prepared when they dance together for the first time as husband and wife. The time spent together during your wedding dance lessons will become a memory that they you will cherish forever.

We know that each couple has different goals, preferences and schedules, but everyone has the ability to be a good dancer with weddign dance lessons and enough time. Wouldn’t it be great to share the romance of ballroom dancing for the rest of your lives together? Let our professional wedding dance instructors help you with something that is uniquely yours.

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons Houston


Dance Lessons

Private ballroom dance lessons Houston involve one-on-one instruction and allow 100% of your instructor's time and attention on you and your specific needs. Houston ballroom dance lessons are available by appointment morning to night 7 days a week.

As no two students learn ballroom dancing at the same pace or in the same way, private ballroom dance lessons Houston are the most important and effective step in learning ballroom dancing.

Group Dance Classes


Dance Classes

Group ballroom dance classes are regularly scheduled at our ballroom dance studios in Houston and will feature one instructor with multiple students learning ballroom dancing together at the same time. No appointment is required and bringing a partner to your ballroom dance classes is never necessary. Students will rotate partners. Group ballroom dance classes are a great supplement to your private ballroom dance lessons Houston and will help you learn how to interact with different partners.

Ballroom Dance Parties


Dance Parties

Enjoy our exclusive practice dance parties and planned evenings out on the town where you can dance with other students and our instructors. It's the fastest, most economical, and the most fun way to practice ballroom dancing.

At our practice dance parties, we dim the lights, play current popular dance music, dance, laugh and have a great time. What better way to practice ballroom dancing than to dance in a real social setting with the help of your instructor?

Intro Special
How To Get Started

Everyone is a little nervous about trying ballroom dance lessons. We'd love to show you that ballroom dancing is fun and easy. As our way of welcoming you to our ballroom dance studios in Houston, we'd like to offer you the first of your private ballroom dance lessons for FREE! This is simply the best way to meet our instructors, see our ballroom dance studios in Houston, try ballroom dancing, and to experience what our Ballroom Dance Studios in Houston are all about.

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Learn ballroom dancing at our Ballroom Dance Studios in Houston offering Ballroom Dance Classes Houston and all forms of couples dance lessons including salsa dancing, wedding dance lessons Houston, country dancing, ballroom dance lessons Houston, swing dancing, tango, ballroom dancing, latin dance lessons, and ballroom dance classes Houston dance studios. Our Ballroom Dance Studios in Houston specialize in adult beginner ballroom dance lessons Houston and teaches both singles and couples. Interested in Wedding Dance Lessons Houston? Try our introductory ballroom dancing special and find out what ballroom dance lessons Houston can do for you.